Foiling In Bible Journaling

Total disclaimer for this video and post – this entire Bible page that I journaled was one big experiment! There are quite a few mistakes, but I left in the video so you could learn from ALL of mine and not make the same ones. If you want to see how you can add foiling to your journaling pages  you can find the full video tutorial down below!

Aside from foiling in this video I also shared how to use a brush to blend out your OMS and colored pencils. The majority of the time when I use colored pencils and OMS together I use paper blending stumps as my tool for blending. However, you can use a brush to easily blend out the color in your Bible! It keeps a bit of the brush strokes in your coloring for more texture, which is great for the Living Water stamp set I used today.

Finished 1.jpg

Moving onto the foiling let me fill you in on how I added the foiling. I used the same Living Water stamp set and decided to foil my verse. 1st mistake – do not foil anything with a lot of detail with this technique. I did fix this, but if you don’t make the mistake you won’t have to fix it!

Finished 2.jpg

Next, I stamped with Versamark and clear heat embossed. After heat setting the clear embossing powder it was time to add the foil. I decided to use my straightener to add the foil. This worked but you need to watch the heat. The first time I tried to add the foil and it completely melted the EP into the paper. After turning down the heat and using “carrier sheets” I was able to get the foil to stick, but again it was much too detailed of a stamp for this technique. So to fix this mistake I stamped AGAIN on top of the copper foil in Versamark, but this time I heat embossed in copper embossing powder. This made the foil act as a background for the verse and helped finish off the page!

Finished 3.jpg

I really hope you found the video tutorial helpful. It is full of mistakes, but I did want to share with you how I made it work in the long run! I know in cardmaking, if you mess up horribly you can just throw the paper away, but with Bible journaling, once it’s there, it’s there, so you need to be creative about how you fix your mistakes. If you are interested in any of the supplies I used today, you can find them all linked down below! Happy Crafting!!

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Bible Journaling with Colored Pencils & OMS Ft. Joy Clair Stamps & Leisure Arts

Last month I did a complete two page spread/scene in my Bible with one stamp set and colored pencils. I LOVED using the colored pencils in my Bible and especially blending them with OMS. The Bible’s pages lend themselves so well to this medium and I couldn’t wait to use them again. That’s what I have today, another journaling page, this one more simple, using just a stamp set and colored pencils with OMS! Watch the video tutorial down below!

The first step in creating this page was to actually make a mask of the verse and pots in “The Potter” stamp set. This was going to allow me to make a long row of pots with just the three in the set. I did all of my stamping with Memento Tuxedo Black Ink which plays very nicely with colored pencils and OMS.


I decided to stamp two different sections on this one page. I stamped the verse, which I masked and then stamped the jars/pots on either side of the sentiment, using the mask I made beforehand. All of this was stamped along the left side of the page in the margin,  horizontally. Then, I turned the page and started stamping on the right side of it. I stamped the ceramic woman and two of the sayings included in the stamp set above and below the figurine.


I HIGHLY suggest watching the video above for all the details and a few tips and tricks on the coloring. Coloring with colored pencils and OMS is so simple and easy. You simply put down some color from your pencil and then use your blending stumps, which you dip in the OMS, to blend out the color. You can just use one pencil or blend a few together and although the OMS does make the paper a bit translucent at first, it goes back to it’s original opaqueness once the OMS evaporates. Once it dries you will be left with a smooth, pigment rich, beautifully blended image.


I am in love with the way this page turned out and I have to say that the Leisure Arts colored pencils were a dream to work with! I think it’s easy to see in the video just how well they blended, I had NO problems and the color choices were perfect! I didn’t feel overwhelmed at all when choosing my colors, which can sometimes happen when I have too many to choose from.

If you are interested in any of the supplies I used in my journaling, I have linked them all down below for you! Thanks for spending a bit of time with me today!! Happy Crafting!!

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Bible Journaling & A Bokeh Effect with Joy Clair Stamps

I had an idea for creating a bokeh effect in my Bible and have just been waiting for the right set to come along to pair it with. This past month, Joy Clair had their new release and in that release a stamp set called “Many Names” was released and I knew it was the set to pair with this technique! I have to say that this page is inspired by a journaling page that Andie Bjork, who is on the Joy Clair Design Team. Her page is different, but she creates a cluster with this stamp set as well. Check out her page HERE!! And if you want to see how I create this two page Bible Journaling layout with the new Many Names stamp set, you can watch the full video tutorial down below!!

I started these pages with the stamping  and for my ink I am using the brand new Versafine Clair ink in Nocturne. This ink works soo well in my Bible. It is a pigment ink so you can heat emboss, with it, but I just stamped with it and it is rich in color and is incredibly crisp. It’s not quite as wet as my Versafine Onyx Black ink so it’s not near as messy, but stamps just as crisp, so it has all the benefits without the set backs and easy smearing! I stamped my cluster of names on the right page and didn’t quite go to the edges – I would fill those in later on. This technique and page could be replicated on any blank page in your Bible, but I am working on the first pages in the Old Testament. I did outline, with a micron pen, around the Old Testament words so I wouldn’t lose those in the cluster I created.

Finished 4
Finished 4

For the bokeh technique, I am using circle dies in different sizes (a nesting set works awesome or you can possibly use punches if they’re nice and sharp), tissue paper in three different colors, and matte gel medium. If you do not have matte gel medium you can use any collage medium or gesso might work as well, just make sure whatever you are using will glue, seal and dry clear. I die cut several sizes of circles from the tissue paper – I used purple, blue and gray for my colors. After die cutting, I started gluing down the circles making sure there was no white space left behind and overlapping some of the circles. I started with the largest and worked my way down to the smallest as my white space began to disappear. Be sure to watch the video tutorial above, this technique is a lot to see in action than explain!

Finished 5
Finished 5

After I finished gluing my circles I gave the pages one last coat of gel medium to seal everything in and then let this dry overnight. The next day when everything was dry, I carefully cut around the edges of the pages with scissors to make the edges nice and clean. The pages will be a little curly and not flat at all. I just shut my Bible and let the pressure of the closed book flatten the pages again. And it was that simple! This technique does take a little time, but it is well worth the final result!

Finished 6
Finished 6

I am in love with this technique and can’t wait to try it out on cards with different colors. Even a rainbow would be gorgeous on a card with a nice bold sentiment! If  you do try this technique, be sure to tag Joy Clair stamps so we can see your gorgeous creations!! If you are interested in any of the supplies or are curious about what exactly gel medium is, I have linked a few options down below! Thanks for spending a bit of time with me today and Happy Crafting!!

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Using Tissue Paper in Bible & Printing on Tissue

I love to Bible Journal and it does mean a  lot to me. It’s so much different from my cardmaking. My cards, while I love making them, I honestly do not care if someone keeps the cards I make them or tosses them out – they can even do it right in front of me and it won’t bother me. I had the joy of making it and giving it, and perhaps that’s a bit selfish, but I got my fun out of it! However, with my Bible, I plan on keeping it and often go back and study and look at my older pages and because of that, I enjoy adding other things to my Bible that mean a lot to me. For one, my Mother was an amazing pianist and organist in our very small church. Because she played every service and also directed the choir, music was constantly a part of our lives – particularly old hymns, Gaither vocal band songs, etc. and so adding those songs into my Bible is something that I wanted to be able to do. There were just a few problems, I do not like my own handwriting (I just don’t have the patience to be a hand letterer) and writing out music can be pretty difficult. I needed a way to be print out old hymnal pages and basically glue them into my Bible. I knew paper and cardstock were both too thick, so I turned to tissue paper and figured out how to print on it and now I am hooked with adding it into my Bible! You can watch the full video tutorial down below to see exactly how I did it!!

I hope you all enjoyed this video tutorial and can tailor it to your own needs. This technique can be used in art journaling, card making, etc. It really is limitless! I have linked a few supplies down below, if you are interested in the supplies I used or need a little help identifying them! Thanks for stopping by today and until next time, Happy Crafting!!

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Bible Journaling with Joy Clair


Hello Everyone!! Today I am using the brand new Light House Stamp Set from Joy Clair Stamps Color by Faith Series to create a two page scene, just by adding a few hand drawn lines! To see just how easy it is to create this Bible Journaling scene with the new Light House stamp set, be sure and watch the video tutorial down below! I’m also sharing a fast and simple way to color in your Bible and create a fantastic night sky effect!!

I love this new Light House stamp set because of the hand drawn look. Because of this style of hand drawn lines that aren’t perfectly precise and straight I was able to easily add my own doodling/drawing (basically squiggly lines) to create an entire scenic landscape across two pages! I knew I wanted to use the Leisure Arts colored pencils with Gamsol for coloring, so I did my stamping with Memento Tuxedo Black Ink and then my drawing I did with a black alcohol marker. The alcohol marker obviously bled through, but I REALLY wanted to create this scene, so I let this go this time! Just be sure to insert a sheet of computer paper behind your pages so it doesn’t bleed through 10 more pages!

Finished 2

Like I said above, I knew I wanted to color with the Leisure Arts colored pencils and blend with Gamsol/OMS/Mineral Spirits. I have never really tried this technique on large scenes in my Bible, but this worked AMAZING!!! I was even able to create a night sky by layering colors and then blending together. Not to mention, this was some quick coloring! All it takes is a little scribbling and then blending – super simple!! And finally my very last tip for coloring these large scenes. Be sure and carry colors across the scene. For example, I used reds and blues on the light house and carried them into the water and the boat as well. This just adds a more cohesive look to these very large scenic landscapes.

Finished 3

Finished 4

There are some awesome verses and sayings in this stamp set, but I did my own with a black pen. This is a great way to get the most out of all of your Bible Journaling sets and use them in different and new ways. I must admit I am NOT any good at hand lettering, but I just did my best! I used my micron pen, but you can use any black pen you have on hand, just make sure to do your lettering after you are through coloring.

Finished 1

This has to be one of my favorite spreads I’ve done so far in my Bible. My Aunt, who was like a mother to me, always loved lighthouses and they always remind so much of her! So being able to incorporate different elements in my Bible that have a special meaning to me make my pages mean so much more!

If you are interested in the Light House Stamp Set I used today and all of the rest of the supplies, you will find it linked down below! Happy Crafting!!

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