Dry Embossing with Stencils

Stencils are one of the most versatile products in my craft room. Not only are they versatile, they’re also inexpensive and take up very little storage space which is a win win! Today I want to share another way to use your stencils. This technique isn’t new, but it’s so fun and easy it deserves an updated video! Be sure to watch the video below to see how easy it is to use your stencils for dry embossing!

Dry embossing is a fabulous way to add fun texture to your cards, and normally you would use embossing folders to do it. And embossing folders are not that expensive, but they’re kind of a one technique item. You can use them for dry embossing, maybe add some ink, but that is about it. I would recommend buying a few embossing folders in “everyday” patterns like dots, stripes, etc, but for more fun patterns I would much prefer to buy stencils and use them for not only dry embossing, but also the many many more techniques they’re great for!

Finished 1.jpg

Some tutorials will call for a specialized mat to dry emboss with stencils, but I prefer to use felt – yes, the kind you can buy in the kids craft section! I find felt gives me the best results and I can tailor the thickness and pressure I’m using with each project and stencils. Stencils will vary in their thickness and so will different papers you use, plus pressure can vary from machine to machine. So being able to quickly change out the amount of pressure you’re using is something I find really useful!

Finished 3.jpg

To be 100% honest, I much prefer dry embossing with stencils rather than embossing folders. I feel like the the results are a lot more subtle, which are great for CAS cards, but you can add inks and sprays through the stencils as well for a bolder look! So not only can you dry emboss, you can then add in more techniques!

Finished 4.jpg

I hope you all enjoyed a look back at this older technique! If you are interested in any of the products I used, they are listed and linked down below! Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

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Ink Blowing with Imagine All Purpose Inks

All purpose inks are a lot of fun to play with. You can use it on multiple surface, including fabric, but there are also many technique to use it for. Here’s a little bit more information from the Imagine website that will give a few ideas on using this fun product!

  • Washable, permanent, blendable craft ink
  • Can be painted, airbrushed, stenciled or used as a dye
  • Maintains the soft hand of fabric and is permanent when heat-set
  • Available in a wide range of colors including six metallic colors
  • Water-based; archival and acid free

And here’s a video with a little more information and a few fun techniques, too!

Today I am sharing a fun new technique using the All Purpose Inks. I was inspired by a video I seen on Instagram of watercolor ink blowing, but I wanted to find a product that would have a more pigmented result. The All Purpose Inks were exactly the product I was looking for! They are so concentrated with color, flow easily with or without water and retain very vibrant colors. Watch the video below for the full tutorial!!

One thing to consider before starting this technique is color choice. If you are not great at color combinations, like myself, Imagine has you covered! There are Mini Workstations available which contain four inks that all coordinate perfectly, plus a lot of bonuses that you can use with the ink as well! For my projects today I used the Falling Leaves Mini Workstation!

Finished 4.jpg

In the video I share two different ways to do this technique, one using more water, the other very little, and the results of each. They’re both done the exact same way, it’s just about what results you are looking for! When using little to no moisture, the colors stay a bit more separate and also the veins you create when blowing stay where they are and don’t move around on their own.

Finished 7

The exact opposite happens when you add more water. The color will blend together more and move around on their own more.

Finished 8.jpg

Here’s a closer look at both results side by side!

Finished 1.jpg

I am LOVING these cards and technique! The best part, each time you do this ink blowing technqiue, it will turn out differently, so it’s perfect to just play around with in your craft room!

If you are interested in any of the supplies I used today, you can find them all linked down below. Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

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Stamping with Sencils Ft. The Crafter’s Workshop

Stencils have quickly become a favorite tool of mine in my craft room. They are inexpensive, there are never ending patterns, and there are soo many different techniques and products you can use them with! Today I have another fun technique to share with you, using stencils and stamping with them! And I used several different mediums, all with their own unique finishing look! Be sure to watch the video tutorial down below for all the details!

For the first set of cards I started by inking up my stencils with pigment ink. Because pigment ink stays wet for a longer period of time you have that time to ink up the stencil and then transfer the image onto card stock. I like to use an ink brayer to apply even pressure all over the stencil for the best transfer!

Finished 1.jpg

Although I love using pigment ink for this technique, you can also use dye inks. I used three different colors of ink which I blended onto the stencil and then spritzed them VERY lightly with water. I transferred this image onto white heavy weight card stock so the ink would quickly soak into the paper for a crisper stamped image.

Finished 11.jpg

My final medium is probably the most fun and has the most unpredictable results! I used Fireworks! sprays and misted them onto the stencil – Any sprays will do. Then, very carefully, I sat the stencil on top of a piece of watercolor paper and just let it sit. I find it best to just leave this along and allow the image to transfer on it’s own without applying any pressure. Once you give it a few minutes, you can lift the stencil away to reveal your transferred image!

Finished 6

I hope you all enjoyed a look at this fun technique! I had a lot of fun creating all of these cards and playing around with all the different mediums and inks that work with it too! If you are interested in any of the supplies that I used today, you can find them all linked down below! Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

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Stamping with the Imagine Craft Mat

Imagine released a new craft mat not too long ago. It has so many wonderful features. A nice surface that resist stains, cleans up easily, provides cushion for stamping images crisply, and so many other wonderful things!! Today I want to share with you how to print or stamp with the Imagine Craft Mat! You can watch the full video tutorial down below!!

For printing/stamping with the craft mat from Imagine I find it best to use pigment inks, because they stay wet for an extended period of time. You could also use dye inks, and then spritz LIGHTLY with water before printing, but this will change the look of the finished panel.


To save myself time and product I made myself a guide with masking tape. This allowed me to map out the area that I would need to cover in order to stamp onto my panel. I also used a finger dauber to apply my inks, but this technique is open to so many possibilities. You could use your ink pad and stamp rectangles, swipe your ink pad for brush strokes, use dew drops for tear drop shapes, etc.! There are really so many variations to play around with!

I also used three different colors of Versafine Clair ink, but made sure they were all blues. This gave the appearance of a bokeh background, which is so much fun! And I know this seems like a lot of work for just one printing, but you can get multiple prints with just one inking!! I stamped/printed two panels with one inking, but could easily have done another. Using a brayer to press down the card stock is a great way to apply a good amount of pressure so you can pick up as much ink as possible!

My finished projects were pretty simple to put together! I like to use these prints as backgrounds and add die cut sentiments for a quick and fun card! You can add little embellishements, like the IrResistible Pico Embellishments that I used on my card today!

Close Up 4.jpg

These cards were so much fun to make and I really can’t wait to play around with this technique more! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!!

Resist Stenciling with The Crafter’s Workshop

I love to find new ways and techniques to use with my stencils. There are so many times that I just go into my craft room and start playing! That is exactly where this technique came from. I really wanted to find an easy way to color in all of the area that is left by the stencil. I’ve done this with embossing, but sometimes that can be a little tedious and only really works if you aren’t working with a really intricate stencil. I tried so many different ways to do this, and this is by far the easiest way with the best results! To see how I did it, watch the video tutorial down below!!

 Like I said above, I really wanted to find a way to do a resist technique without a lot of work and using embossing powder. I love the emboss resist technique, but with stencils, it can be a little time consuming. This way is much faster and yields a much cleaner result!

Finished 1

And as always, I did finish the inside of this card as well! For all the details, tips, and tricks on doing this technique be sure to watch the video tutorial above!!

Finished 4

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